Central Registry for Collective Debt Settlement

We help you start & follow up on a debt file.

As a citizen, can you no longer pay your bills and are facing multiple creditors?

Then apply for protection through our platform. This is called the 'request for collective debt settlement'. If your application is correct and you qualify for debt settlement, a judge will appoint a debt mediator to help you.

Have you received a letter about a debt mediation file as a creditor?

Then link yourself to the file here to make sure you can reach a settlement with the debt mediator.

How can we help you?

What should you include in your application?

  1. An overview of the people involved in your application. Are you single, living together, with or without children... Make sure you have everyone's personal details and national registration number (found on the identity card);
  2. If applicable, your legal representative and guarantors;
  3. An overview of all your income, fixed costs and assets.
  4. An overview of all your creditors; ( You can attach several debts to 1 creditor. For example, the monthly bill from your energy supplier. )
  5. Be aware of the consequences this application may have. If the judge assigns you a debt relief mediator, this person will have control over all your income and expenses for the next years.